The Art of Pitching

The Art of Pitching is designed for creatives wanting to leverage their skill set in order to create visual assets for brands and destinations. This guide doesn’t just apply to photographers. It can be approached from the perspective of filmmakers, writers, expedition leaders and producers, no matter the level of expertise in your field.

By purchasing the Art of Pitching, you are taking an enormous step in learning the fundamentals of working with your clients on a professional level that will benefit them as much as it does you. This pitching process has allowed Callum to produce world-class imagery for brands, earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars and forming relationships that will last a lifetime.

Throughout this 39 page step-by-step guide, you will learn:

 - Pitching terminology and why we should pitch to clients.

 - Two successful approaches to the pitching process and how to define your M.O.

 - The secrets behind a successful pitch and ensuring a client cannot say no.

 - How to help brands achieve their objectives by creating solutions to their problems.

- How to leverage your social media audience and to make sure that your demographics are a key target market for your client.

- Advice from four industry professionals on what makes a successful pitch. 

- How to develop your pitch concept.

- A page-by-page breakdown covering the key pages of a pitch deck. Mood boards, deliverables, distribution, schedule, etc.

- How to elevate your pitching process even further by focusing on design elements and branding.

- Who to send your pitch to. How to send it, and the follow up process.

- The impact of COVID-19 on working with brands and destinations.

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