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Glossy or Lustre?

How do I order?

Printing Big?

If you're placing the photo print in a shaded area that doesn't received direct sunlight or artificial light, consider choosing glossy paper. If you're placing the print in direct sunlight or well lit areas, opt for the Lustre paper.

Glossy prints stand out in lower light environments, the surface of the material tends to reflect bright light and this can distort your view of the photo. Lustre prints are best viewed in well lit areas, their surface is much less reflective.

To order a print, click on the photo you want to purchase, it will open up a Lightbox. Click the 'Buy' button in the bottom right corner. A box will appear giving you the option to have the photo printed in a variety of sizes and on different materials.

Can't find a photo that you want, or need some help? Email callum@callumsnapephoto.com with a screenshot of the image(s) along with the dimensions and materials.

When you're printing big, it's a good idea to keep in mind where the final printed photo is going to be placed. While I capture all of my images on the latest pro series DSLR's and images are printed at a minimum of 300dpi, large prints will show imperfections when viewed very close. Large prints are best viewed from a minimum of 5 feet away. 

Don't forget that your photos might look a little different printed because on a computer screen they are backlit with a white border. 

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