Clients - Callum Snape


Oru Kayak (Sponsor)

Oru Kayak is a San Francisco based Kayak company that created the worlds first Origami Kayak; The Bay & Bay+ along with the new Coast & Coast+

I work with Oru Kayaks as a sponsored adventurer to create brand awareness and to produce social and digital content.

Timespan: Ongoing | Content: 20+ Images


LuminAid is a solar powered inflatable LED light designed for post-earthquake relief and more specifically the Haiti Earthquake in 2010. These incredible LED lights inflate in just seconds and emit a powerful light that is perfect for anyones needs. 

I'm working with LuminAid to produce high quality marketing focused content to show their products in use in the natural landscape. 

Timespan: 3 Months | Content: 21 Images

The Pro Bar

ProBar is the leading provider of vegan, organic, non-GMO food products that are delicious, convenient, healthy and plant-based.

I'm working with The Pro Bar to produce continuous high quality social media content for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram focusing on people eating their product in the environment it was designed for.

Timespan: Ongoing | Content: 25+ Images


Tentree is a clothing company based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. For every one of their products purchased they plant ten trees. Everything from their clothing to their tree planting locations is responsibly sources and managed.

I work very closely with tentree to create social content and brand awareness showing their products in a natural environment.

Timespan: Ongoing | Content: 45+ images

Brewster Travel

Brewster Travel is one of the leading travel and tourism operators in Canada and they own four of the largest attractions in the Canadian Rockies. Based out of Banff, they operate nationwide.

I have worked with Brewster on multiple occasions directing their Instagram campaigns and producing high quality social based content designed to drive people to mobile purchases.

Timespan: Multiple Days | Content: 6+ Images

Wilderness Culture Social Campaign

BC Tourism - N. American Marketing Campaign + Blog

Intrepid Travel Social Campaign + Brand Awareness + Blog

Canadian Geographic Assignment: Milk River

LifeProof Sponsorship

Tourism Canmore Social Campaign

Tourism Jasper Social Media Campaign

Lone Mountain Ranch Brand Awareness

Banff Lake Louise Winter Social Campaign

Fairmont Hotels X BMW Canada Storytelling

Brewster Travel Social Campaign

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